Volunteers Needed to Serve!

volunteers needed to serve

Want to know more about becoming involved with Code Purple? We would love to meet you all in person and tell you more about it! Please consider attending one of our training’s. Don’t worry, we won’t make you sign a contract. Though we are asking that if you would like to volunteer that you make it to one of the training’s. It allows things to run more smoothly when volunteers are informed ahead of time of our heart for the people and how things flow during Code Purple nights. The training’s are scheduled for October 13th and 29th. They are both being held at Gateway Fellowship in Bridgeville at 7:00 pm. Please share with everyone because chances are someone you know has a heart for it but they don’t know where to plug in to help. Just so you know, Code Purple will have three places operating in Western Sussex this year! Pathways (Church of God) in Seaford for men, Laurel Nazarene for men, and Gateway Fellowship in Bridgeville for women and children. We will need LOTS of volunteers to make it a successful year! We can’t do it without God and you! I promise you won’t regret it!


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