New Code Purple Day Location!

We are excited to announce that Laurel Centenary United Methodist Church (  will be opening on Saturday and Sunday “days” when Code Purple is in effect. We will be updating our webpage with the details, so keep checking back for more information.

This opening leads to a greater transportation need.  We would love to have a Transportation Leader on the team. This would entail coordinating rides by calling volunteers and being available throughout the week. We will need to have rides available on Saturday and Sundays for our guests to get between Laurel and Seaford as needed.  If this is an area that you feel God is leading you to help out in, please call 519-0024 and speak with Nikki about further arrangements.

If your church or organization would like to set up a Code Purple spot, please call 519-0024. We will meet with you, let you know the next steps to take, get you set up, and help organize it all! We love working with the communities to help those in need.

There are so many great things happening this year. God is allowing us to grow and flourish because He is our focus and He gets the glory. We are blessed to be His hands and feet. Blessings to everyone for your various contributions to Code Purple!