Code Purple Activated til Saturday 2/27.

Code Purple Sussex County is activated until Saturday, February 27th, 2016. The rain and severe thunderstorm forecast for the 23rd and 24th were the determining factors for opening the shelter on nights when the temps are slightly elevated.

Anyone experiencing homelessness is encouraged to call the hot-line at 302-519-0024.

Western Sussex:

St. Luke’s Parish House, 202 N. North St. Seaford, DE 19973. Please use the double door entrance on King Street. Intake is at 7:00pm followed by dinner.  Call Nikki Gonzalez at 302-519-0024.

Laurel Nazarene is located at 94 Walnut Drive, Laurel, DE 19956. Men only. Intake is at 7:00pm followed by dinner. This shelter is closed on Wednesdays. Call Nikki Gonzalez at 302-519-0024.

Gateway Fellowship is located at 8110 Cannon RD, Bridgeville, DE 19933. Women and children only. Women meet at St. Luke’s Parish House first for dinner. They are then transported at 8:30 to Gateway for the night. If you miss transport at 8:30, then you must find transportation to Gateway. Call Nikki Gonzalez at 302-519-0024.

Grace Baptist is located at 805 Atlanta Road, Seaford, DE.  This shelter will be open on Wednesdays & Thursdays as an overflow or relief shelter if the low is forecasted to be at or below 32 ° the sanctuary opens for emergency shelter for the homeless.  Advance notice will be given when this shelter is in use.  Women and men will meet here for in-take at 7pm, eat dinner, and then the women will be transported to Gateway Fellowship to stay overnight.  Call Nikki Gonzalez at 302-519-0024.

Mount Olivet UMC: Seaford, Call Nikki Gonzalez at 302-519-0024, or go to St. Luke’s for check in at 7 PM. Mt. Olivet will open for full intact families that are in need of shelter.

Weekend Day Shelter: Centenary UMC, 200 E Market Street, Laurel, DE.  When the lows during the daytime are 32* or below this shelter will open at 7am till 7pm for the homeless. Serving a hot lunch. Call Nikki Gonzalez at 302-519-0024.

Georgetown Presbyterian: Call Pastor Mike at 302-344-1912 or leave a message at the Church 302-856-6842. This sanctuary is open for extreme weather and not held a certain temperature. Must call ahead.

Milford Multicultural Center: Milford, Sanctuary for women and children only. Executive Director, Lisa Davis operates this shelter and can be contacted by either  Kent County Hot-line or you may call the center at 302-725-0770.

Eastern Sussex: Eastern is unique as they operate cold weather month’s shelter. Their shelters are open and will remain open until spring regardless of the temperature.

Day Center: Rehoboth CRC open to the homeless during the day 302-227-1340.

Immanuel Shelter: Rehoboth – 302-227-6887, Open 7 Days from 4:30 PM until 7:30 AM. Serving men and women.

Soul Ministry: Bethany Beach 302-632-4289. Sanctuary operates daily for men  with support from South East Ministirium.