St Luke’s Parish House Shelter is CLOSED tonight 2/27/16, Laurel Nazarene Shelter is OPEN

St Luke’s Parish House shelter in Seaford is closed this evening, 2/27/2016. Our guests are encouraged to meet at Davelli’s on Stein Hwy, next to the A.C.E. Center, at 6:30pm to be transported to Laurel Nazarene.  Dinner will be at Laurel Nazarene.  Notices will be posted at St. Luke’s with the hot-line number in case of anyone needing shelter, after transport.  Please, if you know of any one needing shelter this evening please encourage them to call the hot-line at 302-519-0024.

Code Purple NOT active 2/28-3/1.

Due to the increase in temps above 32 for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday night, Code Purple will not be in effect for those nights. We will update accordingly if the weather changes.

We will be sending them out with food to-go. If you would like to contribute to these to-go bags please see our donation list for specific items that are packed in these gallon zip-lock bags. Thank-you all for your continued support!