Code Purple is active tonight, Wed 3/2-Sun 3/6

Code Purple Sussex County will be in effect tonight through Sunday night.

Anyone experiencing homelessness is encouraged to call the hot-line at 302-519-0024.

Western Sussex:

St. Luke’s Parish House, 202 N. North St. Seaford, DE 19973. Please use the double door entrance on King Street. Intake is at 7:00pm followed by dinner.  Call Nikki Gonzalez at 302-519-0024.

Laurel Nazarene is located at 94 Walnut Drive, Laurel, DE 19956. Men only. Intake is at 7:00pm followed by dinner. This shelter is closed on Wednesdays. Call Nikki Gonzalez at 302-519-0024.

Gateway Fellowship is located at 8110 Cannon RD, Bridgeville, DE 19933. Women and children only. Women meet at St. Luke’s Parish House first for dinner. They are then transported at 8:30 to Gateway for the night. If you miss transport at 8:30, then you must find transportation to Gateway. Call Nikki Gonzalez at 302-519-0024.

Grace Baptist is located at 805 Atlanta Road, Seaford, DE.  This shelter will be open on Wednesdays & Thursdays as an overflow or relief shelter if the low is forecasted to be at or below 32 ° the sanctuary opens for emergency shelter for the homeless.  Advance notice will be given when this shelter is in use.  Women and men will meet here for in-take at 7pm, eat dinner, and then the women will be transported to Gateway Fellowship to stay overnight.  Call Nikki Gonzalez at 302-519-0024.

Mount Olivet UMC: Seaford, Call Nikki Gonzalez at 302-519-0024, or go to St. Luke’s for check in at 7 PM. Mt. Olivet will open for full intact families that are in need of shelter.

Weekend Day Shelter: Centenary UMC, 200 E Market Street, Laurel, DE.  When the lows during the daytime are 32* or below this shelter will open at 7am till 7pm for the homeless. Serving a hot lunch. Call Nikki Gonzalez at 302-519-0024.

Georgetown Presbyterian: Call Pastor Mike at 302-344-1912 or leave a message at the Church 302-856-6842. This sanctuary is open for extreme weather and not held a certain temperature. Must call ahead.

Milford Multicultural Center: Milford, Sanctuary for women and children only. Executive Director, Lisa Davis operates this shelter and can be contacted by either  Kent County Hot-line or you may call the center at 302-725-0770.

Eastern Sussex: Eastern is unique as they operate cold weather month’s shelter. Their shelters are open and will remain open until spring regardless of the temperature.

Day Center: Rehoboth CRC open to the homeless during the day 302-227-1340.

Immanuel Shelter: Rehoboth – 302-227-6887, Open 7 Days from 4:30 PM until 7:30 AM. Serving men and women.

Soul Ministry: Bethany Beach 302-632-4289. Sanctuary operates daily for men  with support from South East Ministirium.

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