Code Purple Sussex County shelter update as of January 1st, 2017

Code Purple Sussex County Hot-line 302-519-0024

Western Sussex:

St. Luke’s Parish House, Gateway Fellowship, and Avenue UMC shelters will be open nightly from January 1st to March 12th, 2017.

St. Luke’s Episcopal Parish House: 202 N North Street, Seaford, DE. Call Nikki Gonzalez at 302-519-0024. In-take 7pm to 9pm. Dinner at 7pm. All those seeking shelter in Western Sussex County must arrive for in-take and then the women and children will be transported to Gateway Fellowship. St. Luke’s will shelter men only!

Gateway Fellowship: 8110 Cannon Road, Bridgeville, DE. Call Nikki Gonzalez at 302-519-0024. Women to meet at St. Luke’s Parish House for in-take 7pm to 9pm. Transportation will be available at 9pm and then 745am the next morning back to Seaford. This shelter will be for women and children only.

Milford: Avenue United Methodist Church, 20 N Church Street, Milford, DE. Call Nikki Gonzalez at 302-519-0024. Men ONLY in-take at 7pm. Dinner served at 7:30pm.

Georgetown Presbyterian: Call Pastor Mike at 302-344-1912 or leave a message at the Church 302-856-6842. This sanctuary is open for extreme weather and not held a certain temperature. MUST CALL AHEAD!

Eastern Sussex:

Eastern is unique as they operate cold weather month’s shelter. Their shelters are open and will remain open until spring regardless of the temperature.

Day Center: Rehoboth CRC open to the homeless during the day 302-227-1340.

Immanuel Shelter (OPEN Dec.1 until Spring, regardless of temperature) Rehoboth 1-888-634-9992, Open 7 Days from 4:30 PM until 7:30 AM. 37439 Oyster House Rd, Rehoboth Beach. Serving men and women.

Milford Community Center: Milford, Sanctuary, Please call the center at 302-725-0770 or Pastor Richie 302-249-5738 to make an appointment to stay at the shelter. Serving women and children only.