Code Purple Sussex County Shelter Update 2/20/2017

Code Purple Sussex County Hot-line 302-519-0024

Western Sussex: Official Code Purple Shelters

St. Luke’s Parish House, Gateway Fellowship, and Avenue UMC shelters will be open nightly from January 1st to March 12th, 2017.

St. Luke’s Episcopal Parish House: 202 N North Street, Seaford, DE. Call Nikki Gonzalez at 302-519-0024. In-take 7pm to 9pm. Dinner at 7pm. All those seeking shelter in Western Sussex County must arrive for in-take and then the women and children will be transported to Gateway Fellowship. St. Luke’s will shelter men only! Host till March 11th, 2017. Will post shelter update as soon as it is set! 

Gateway Fellowship: 8110 Cannon Road, Bridgeville, DE. Call Nikki Gonzalez at 302-519-0024. Women to meet at St. Luke’s Parish House for in-take 7pm to 9pm. Transportation will be available at 9pm and then 745am the next morning back to Seaford. This shelter will be for women and children only.

Avenue United Methodist Church: 20 N Church Street, Milford, DE. Call Nikki Gonzalez at 302-519-0024. Men ONLY in-take at 7pm. Dinner served at 7:30pm.

Laurel Nazarene: 94 Walnut Street (Johnson Center entrance on Maryland Avenue). Call Nikki Gonzalez at 302-519-0024. In-take 7pm to 9pm. Dinner at 7pm.  Men and a separate space available for Families! This shelter is only open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays till March 15th, 2017. 


Georgetown Presbyterian: Call Pastor Mike at 302-344-1912 or leave a message at the Church 302-856-6842. This sanctuary is open for extreme weather and not held a certain temperature. MUST CALL AHEAD!

Eastern Sussex:

Eastern is unique as they operate cold weather month’s shelter. Their shelters are open and will remain open until spring regardless of the temperature.

Day Center: Rehoboth CRC open to the homeless on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for showers, laundry, and job finding assistance. Call 302-227-1340 with any questions.

Immanuel Shelter (OPEN Dec.1 until Spring, regardless of temperature) Rehoboth 1-888-634-9992, Open 7 Days from 4:30 PM until 7:30 AM. 37439 Oyster House Rd, Rehoboth Beach. Serving men and women.

Milford Community Center: Milford, Sanctuary, Please call the center at 302-725-0770 or Pastor Richie 302-249-5738 to make an appointment to stay at the shelter. Serving women and children only.