Additional Day for Lunch, Showers and Laundry!



We are pleased to announce that the CROSS will also be open Thursdays to serve anyone experiencing homelessness! We will now be open Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 11am-4pm! 

During this time we serve a delicious meal provided by a loving member of the community. This is also a time for our guests to get a shower and to do their laundry. Can you imagine how nice a shower feels after being in the heat all day and night? Then to be able to put on clean fresh clothes? It has been said to “make me feel human again”. This is what you are helping to provide with the meals and toiletries that you donate. We can not thank you enough! 

We always welcome donations of laundry soap, toiletries, and to-go food items. Here is a link to our donation list. Donation List


You can sign up to bring a meal hereSignUp Lunch Calendar