Code Purple Site coming to Rehoboth!!

We are pleased to announce that we will be opening a Code Purple site at Faith UMC in Rehoboth for women! That fills a large need in that area of Sussex this year. snoopy

We realize the urgency to help keep people safe and warm during the winter is great in Sussex County. I’m not sure if local residents realize that we only have 2 year round shelters (at the moment one is actually getting much needed renovations). They each hold roughly 15 beds. Knowing that after hearing  we served almost 300 people last year at 7 sites, shows the need is much greater than the resources available at this time.

This need for beds necessitates another need…..VOLUNTEERS!

There have been some frigid nights so far in November and we have been getting numerous calls asking where people can find shelter. The hard truth is that there are not enough beds available and we do not have enough help to open early. Some people get upset with us because they feel like we aren’t doing enough. You must understand that Code Purple is a volunteer run and donation funded ministry. We can only help as much as the community commits to helping.

Honestly, we have a really hard time finding people to stay overnight but doesn’t it make sense to ensure that everyone in our shelters are safe and free from the harm that may confront them on the streets? We want to be different than the other places that may have experienced in their life. s_topTEMP-4818

We know that staying once a week may seem like a daunting task. We don’t mind if you give us once a week, once a month or ONCE the entire winter. That will be one more night that we can open. The intake, meals, etc are all great but without overnight volunteers, we can’t do any of those other things. PLEASE consider giving whatever you can offer this winter so that we can care for those in our community. We can take the time they are staying with us to speak great truths into their lives and see transformation!

We still have 3 TRAINING EVENTS left! There is still to fill up the calendars before we even open the first night!


Countdown to Opening Day! Volunteers Needed!

Only 3 weeks left!!! Please see the need below! Sign up for one of our training events.

These graphs are focusing on the overnight volunteer need. This is the crucial piece for us to be able to open each night. Without someone staying overnight with our guest, we can not open. Please help us fill the need!

Seaford Calendar has 863 spots (not including dinner spots). We have 68 of those  filled. 

St. Luke has 106 overnight volunteer spots to cover. We have 30 nights covered. 

Gateway has 106 overnight volunteer spots to cover. We have 3 nights covered.

St. Luke's



Milford Calendar has 952 spots (not including dinner spots). We have 22 filled.

Milford Avenue has 106 overnight volunteer spots to cover. We have 12 nights covered.

Milford Nazarene has 106 overnight volunteer spots to cover. We have 15 nights covered.

Milford Avenue

Milford Nazarene


Georgetown Calendarhas 530 spots (not including dinner). We have 112 filled.

Georgetown Presbyterian has 106 overnight volunteer spots to cover.

The women’s section has 39 nights filled.

The men’s section has 0 nights filled.

Georgetown Women

Georgetown Men

Delmar’s Calendar has 423 spots (not including dinners). We have 8 filled.

Delmar has 106 overnight spots to cover.

We have 3 nights filled.


Laurel Calendar has 225 spots (not including dinner). We have still need Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays covered.


Bethany Calendar has 106 overnight spots to cover. We have 42 nights filled.


Please come and join us for one of the training events left before the season begins! We can not do it without the help of the community!