Only 7 days until we OPEN! We still need YOU!

We are excited to open on December 1st! We are busy prepping each site in anticipation of helping our guests in great ways this winter. It takes many hands and feet to open the shelters and ensure people have a warm safe place to sleep every night.

We are lacking overnight volunteers on many nights at most of the shelter sites. We need your help! The shelter will have to close for the night if there is no one signed up to stay. That means our guests will have to sleep outside on those nights. Please help us prevent this from happening!

See the calendars below to see how you can help keep us open!

2019-Delmar Dec-page-001

2019-Georgetown Men-page-001

2019 Dec Georgetown Women-page-001

2019-Gateway DEc 2-page-001

2019-Nazarene Millford Dec 2-page-001.jpg


2019-Avenue Dec 2-page-001



2019-St Luke s Dec-page-001

2019 Bethany Dec 3-page-001




Please consider giving your time to serve with us this winter. We have one training day left.  Monday, DEC 2nd! Join us!Training for Emergency Homeless Shelter Volunteers poster1024_1

See the Volunteer Calendar Page below ↓↓ for the links to sign up and help us be successful this winter.

Volunteer Calendars


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