Current Needs at our Shelter Sites

Sussex County Rocks!

We are about half way through our season! We are so thankful for the continued support from the community!

We still have 47 nights left to cover!

Seaford Needs: 

Seaford Volunteer Sign Up Calendar

Transportation for the ladies from the CROSS to Gateway each night at 8:30. (This is a pressing need at the moment.)

Dinners at the CROSS.

Intake spots at the CROSS.

Overnight volunteers at Gateway Fellowship (ladies).


Delmar Needs:

Delmar Volunteer Sign Up Calendar

Overnight spots available. Please help the 5 faithful men that have kept this site open by themselves each night. What dedication they have had this season. They will be closing Feb 6th.


Cape Region Needs:

Cape Region Volunteer Sign Up Calendar

The newest location is in desperate need of overnight volunteers (both men and women).

We still have plenty of spots open for bringing dinner.

Intake spots.

*Note we will let you know in advance if the shelter will not be open due to temps above 32. Please sign up anyway and be ON CALL for us throughout the remainder of the season.


Milford Needs:

Milford Volunteer Sign Up Calendar

Overnight spots for the ladies at Nazarene.

Intake spots.

Dinner spots still available.


Georgetown Needs:

Georgetown Volunteer Sign Up Calendar

Overnight spots for the men and ladies. 

Intake spots.


Bethany Needs:

Bethany Volunteer Sign Up Calendar

Overnight spots (men).

Intake spots.


Please don’t let a half filled spot keep you from signing up. Our goal is to have 2 overnight volunteers for each site.

Please feel free to come and visit if you need to see how we operate and what the shelter environment is like before signing up.

Remember, we are donation based and volunteer run. This ministry doesn’t happen without the support of our wonderful communities.