Tomorrow is…..

We can’t believe December 1st is finally here! We have been actively planning in the midst of these crazy times. It has changed some of the pieces of sheltering our guests but it hasn’t changed our mission. We will still provide a warm, safe sleeping space for anyone experiencing homelessness this winter.

We are still in need of lots of help! Didn’t make it to a training? Don’t let that stop you. We can send you all the training materials and someone will be there to help you through your first time helping. Please see in order to fill out an online volunteer form.

Here is a list of the current shelters:

We have an easy way to sign up online: Each town has it’s own calendar to help you find the space where you would like to serve.

Please contact us at 302-956-6006 with any questions.

Please don’t read this and pass it on by thinking that someone else will sign up to help. This could be the mission that YOU are needed for!

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