How to Access a CPSC Shelter Site

Please call LoveINC @629-7050 between 10-3 M-F to reserve your bed. If you do not get an answer, leave your name and number. You will receive a call back to confirm your spot for the night if it is M-F.

Once you have completed an initial intake and have stayed at least one night, you may text the CP hotline @302-519-0024, if needed in order to reserve your spot.

You will need to call or text only the CP hotline on the weekends (10-3) as LoveINC is closed Sat and Sun.

REMEMBER, spots are first come, first serve and capped at 14 (fire marshal enforced for safety). Call or text as early as 10am!

Please call or text and let us know if you will not be able to make it in to your reserved spot at CP for the night. We will be able to utilize that spot for someone else.