Farewell to the Season

Tonight is our final night of the season. Tomorrow morning we will bid farewell to each of those that have found a haven in Code Purple Sussex County. We are, as always, saddened by the prospect of our guests making their way on the streets. These are our neighbors, friends, and loved ones. They will need continued prayer and the support of everyone that cares about what happens in the community.

We have found joy in providing 105 nights of safe, warm shelter for our guests. We accomplished this despite Covid. Our volunteers braved the waters (or should we say air) and came to spend the night with our guests, and we are happy to report that we had not one Covid case. Our volunteers have talked, prayed, cried, and given selflessly to those they cared for each night. We are sure they are tired, but it is a tiredness that you find satisfaction inside. We praise God for allowing us to have another successful winter season and seeing us through to the end.

We want to thank the churches that allow us to use their spaces to offer warmth and shelter. We had five churches this season; Stein Hwy Church of God, Grace Seaford, Georgetown Presbyterian, Milford Avenue Methodist, and Milford Nazarene. We were also grateful for the use of Troop 7 for a second season.

We are very thankful to anyone and everyone that gave donations in any form. You took your time and talents to provide essentials for those in need. We could not do it without you backing us.

Now, as we move into another part of the year, we will continue to provide food, clothing, and essentials to those that call in through LoveINC of Mid-Delmarva. We will continue to seek help and walk alongside anyone experiencing homelessness that would like to pursue a healthy life.

We will continue to need volunteers at LoveINC of Mid-Delmarva if you would like to help us year-round. You can call 302-629-7050 or 302-956-6006 to let them know you would like to help!

39 Nights of Code Purple To Go!

We have felt so much support amid the craziness that this year has brought. The community has loved on us with food, supplies, and a general sense of gratitude for the help that we provide!

*Have you wanted to get involved but have not known how?
*Maybe you think that it’s to much during the first of the holiday season.
*Worried about being alone?

This would be a GREAT time to come in and be trained with an experienced volunteer. This would give you a head start on jumping in next season! Our volunteers have served tirelessly this winter and would love to have some extra support. We have managed to stay open each night but it would be great to grow our team! \

We can send you more information via email. Reach us at codepurplesussexcounty@gmail.com or call 302-956-6006 ext 302.

Get Involved!

We have had a great beginning of the season! There is still a need for people to sign up and help us this season. Don’t miss out on helping serve our communities! You will find the links to the signup calendars below. 

Milford Calendar includes:

Milford Avenue Methodist Church (Men)
Milford Nazarene Church (Women)

Milford Sign Up Calendar

Dinner Resources:
The Gathering at the Table Family Kitchen –  located at Milford Presbyterian Church, 101 S Walnut St, Milford, DE 19963.    Mondays 6:30-7:30pm.

Seaford Calendar includes:

Pathways @ Stein Hwy at Church of God (Men)
Grace Seaford (Women)

Seaford Sign Up Calendar

Dinners for the Seaford area will be to-go style and will be able to be picked up from the CROSS at 7pm each night.

The CROSS building is located at 703 East King Street, Seaford, DE 19973.

Georgetown Calendar includes:
Georgetown Presbyterian Church (Men)
No meal provided at this time.

Georgetown Sign Up Calendar

Cape Region Calendar:
Troop 7 (Men)
Meals provided on site.

Cape Region Sign Up Calendar

Tomorrow is…..

We can’t believe December 1st is finally here! We have been actively planning in the midst of these crazy times. It has changed some of the pieces of sheltering our guests but it hasn’t changed our mission. We will still provide a warm, safe sleeping space for anyone experiencing homelessness this winter.

We are still in need of lots of help! Didn’t make it to a training? Don’t let that stop you. We can send you all the training materials and someone will be there to help you through your first time helping. Please see https://codepurplesussexcounty.com/volunteers/ in order to fill out an online volunteer form.

Here is a list of the current shelters:

We have an easy way to sign up online: https://codepurplesussexcounty.com/volunteer-site-calendars/ Each town has it’s own calendar to help you find the space where you would like to serve.

Please contact us at 302-956-6006 with any questions.

Please don’t read this and pass it on by thinking that someone else will sign up to help. This could be the mission that YOU are needed for!