Core Values

core values 2.jpg

We believe in Jesus Christ. Our worship and our mission are in Christ’s name.
We believe that every individual has intrinsic value.
We believe that every individual can recover from addiction.
We believe that every individual deserves the best medical care.
We believe that every individual can find help for mental health issues.
We believe that safe housing is a necessity of life and well-being.

We put the needs of those seeking help first.
We listen first and have compassion towards our guests.
We respect the rights, dignity, privacy, and confidentiality of our guests.
We always offer hope. No one is a hopeless cause.
We maintain high standards of personal conduct that is above reproach.
We volunteer our time and talents to serve without compensation.
We deal honestly with those seeking help.

We do not practice, condone, facilitate or collaborate in any form of discrimination based on ethnicity, race, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, marital status, political belief, mental or physical disability, or any other preference or personal characteristic, condition, or state.
We do not provide legal or medical advice.
We do not enter into personal relationships or commitments that conflict with the interests of our guests.
We do not abuse substances under any circumstance.
We do not accept gifts from our guests.
We do not work in crisis mode. Our guests did not become homeless overnight and it will take a process to get them back into housing.

Volunteers agree to respect the guidance and decisions of the Code Purple Sussex County Board of Directors.
When difficult questions or situations arise, volunteers should seek assistance and get back to the guest when a suitable answer has been found.
Should a conflict of interest arise, the volunteer will need to remove themselves from serving in any role of Code Purple Sussex County until a reasonable resolution is found.