See the Need–Fill the Need

Overnight volunteers are a crucial part of our ministry. We can not open without someone to stay the night with our guests. The following calendars show the nights that we still need help with. Each night filled with a bed is a night that we will be open for our guests will be warm and safe for the night. Please don’t let us close any night this winter!!

We have added graphics for intake. It is a very helpful position. This alleviates the need for the overnight volunteer to come in early and perform both jobs. At one site the site coordinator comes in and does intake every night. Let’s help take some responsibility off of the wonderful volunteers that are helping multiple times a week.

Intake workers are only there for about an hour and help our guests get checked in. They will do an intake and go over boundaries if needed. Overnight volunteers come in and stay overnight to keep things peaceful. (You do not have to stay awake all night.)

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