Volunteer Site Calendars

We are so blessed to have the opportunity to grow this year! We have added numerous new sites and one new meal site in Milford. This has caused us to need to split our calendar into regions this year.  We felt it will be easier to select the individual site and position that you would like serve in and not have to peruse through to many locations.  Please see our Shelter Page if you need to orient yourself to our various locations. All of the addresses can be found on the Shelter Page and in the calendars. You must use the links below to get to the calendar (a search on SignUp does not work).

calendar pic2

Milford Calendar includes:
Milford Avenue Methodist Church (Men)
Milford Nazarene Church (Women with or w/o children)
Milford Meal Site: TBA

Seaford Calendar includes:
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church (Men)
Gateway Fellowship (Women with or w/o children)
Meal Site: The CROSS Building

Laurel Calendar includes:
Laurel Nazarene (Men)
Meal provided on site.

Georgetown Calendar includes:
Georgetown Presbyterian Church (Men and Women)
No meal provided at this time.

Delmar Calendar includes:
Renovate Church (Men)
Meal provided on site.