Code Purple Sussex County empowered by Love INC (In the Name of Christ)

Volunteers and Servants needed to serve! Please consider volunteering your time, love, and talent to Code Purple Sussex County. Please complete the Volunteer Form and call us to talk about the opportunities! There will be training available at each site before the season begins.

Printable Volunteer Form: Volunteer Form

Online Calendar: Please use our online volunteer calendars to sign up for the site and position that you would like to fill. They can all be found on our “Volunteer Site Calendars” Page. Click the appropriate link on that page to go to our calendars.

volunteer hands

Overnight Shift: Each shelter has its own opening and closing times. The general times are 8:30pm to 7:45am. Arrangements can be made to come in later and/or leave earlier. Just need to make comments to the volunteer coordinator.

Your job is to provide oversight while our guests are in the shelter overnight. Logistically, you will be helping with bedding, totes, and chores while making sure check in and check out times are adhered to for the duration of your shift. You will be diffusing any differences that may occur between guests. You will be there to provide friendship not babysitting. You are in charge for the night but not with a “policeman” attitude. It’s a wonderful time to invest in someone’s life.

Dinner: Dinner includes the main dish, bread, and a dessert or veggie if you wish. In the past, most have also brought tea, milk, or soft drinks. Please invite your family and friends to assist you with this. Also, service groups will receive service hours for this, just let us know so we can sign off on the hour sheets or write a letter. Please feel free to stay and help with set up and clean up. We love it when we have dinner assistance and the fellowship is always needed.
We appreciate you taking on this service and we do want to have variety in the meals served. It’s hard on our guest’s stomachs to have red sauce repeatedly. In the past, we have served meatloaf with mashed potatoes, chicken n dumplings, hot dogs with chili, chili, a variety of soups and stews, taco night, pizza, cold subs or sandwiches, meatball subs… Please call ahead to ask for our headcount of our guests to determine quantity. Please list the main dish and items you plan on bringing. We supply all of the dinner wear and utensils but you can always bring more if you would like.

Contact Kaytra MacDonald at 302-853-0129 for headcount and meal planning questions.

Intake: Arrive to set up for intake, duties to include: intake form completion, boundaries sign off, and guests bags checked in.

Morning Relief: You will need to ensure that the nightly chores were completed and any follow up cleaning if necessary. Also, an inventory list for replenishment of supplies to our supplies coordinator.

AM/PM Transportation:  Volunteers needed to transport our female guests from the meal sites in Seaford and Milford to the women’s shelters in the evening. Upon checkout in the morning, the ladies need to be taken back into town. We are currently in need of two 15 passenger vans to assist us.

We encourage volunteers to fellowship with our guests.  We also need help from our community in ways of haircuts and other grooming services.